Doctor List

Dr. Rohit Chopra is the team leader of Sushma Memorial Super specialty Dental Hospital. He has graduated from one of the best Dental Colleges in the India i.e. from Govt. Dental College, Amritsar. He has been the best student in his batch attaining attention and appreciation for his work from his professors. He has been remembered as THE BEST STUDENT till now in his college. He has done certified courses and attended many conferences from different states of India and across different countries to remain update with the Hi Tech technology and recent advances in dentistry. He is a great surgeon in love with Implantology, do each surgery and his every work with immense passion and giving proper concern to his patient. And top of it, he is a down to earth and a great human being which is a very concerning factor for any patient to be treated from any doctor. That is a reason he is a favorite Dental Surgeon of Pollywood stars, Coach (sports)  and many more. 

Dr. Neha Chopra is an honorable Director of Sushma Memorial Super specialty Dental Hospital. She has graduated from one of the renowned Dental College i.e. Shri Guru Ram Das Dental college, Amritsar and Post Graduated from another great college from Chandigarh. She was a very studious girl in her college achieved distinctions and medals in various subjects. She is an excellent surgeon with a par excellence and neatness in her work. She has become a Periodontist with her own choice regardless of other branches she could have got. 

Dr. Pranav Gupta is a renowned Endodontist and a master in conservative dentistry.  He has done his graduation from Sri Guru Ram Das Dental College, Amritsar and post-graduation from Chandigarh. He has won many Gold and Silver medals with distinction in various subjects. He was a topper in his college during Post Graduation. He has won the hearts of all the professors with hard work, dedication and sincerity towards work.  He always has an interest with Endodontic’s that’s why he does his work with a great interest and immense passion. He is a very hard working and honest dentist can work for hours regardless of time and day. He is known as “THE PERFECT ENDODONTIST” by his professors, colleagues and his patients.

4.    Dr. Gourav : B.D.S, M.I.D.A, M.D.S (Gold Medalist) Oral Surgeon.
He is a very hard working and a renowned Oral Surgeon. He was a Gold Medalist in his college. He has done his post-graduation from one of the best college’s in India i.e. from Govt. Dental College, Amritsar. He is an Oral Surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction, major surgeries of the mouth like tumors, cancers, cyst removals, fractures of the jaw etc. He has achieved success in very less time with his intelligence, hard work, sharp mind and great skills. He is a favorite Oral Surgeon of many Pollywood Celebrities. 

5.    Dr. Parvinder Singh Dhingra: B.D.S (Gold Medalist), M.I.D.A, M.D.S (Orthodontist)
Dr. Parvinder has done his graduation from Govt. Dental College, Amritsar and post-graduation from Shri Guru Ram Das Dental College, Amritsar. Both are the top Colleges of India. He has achieved distinction in many subjects every year. A very studious, hardworking and a very intelligent Orthodontist is he. He has remained a topper and achieved a Gold Medal from the college for his hard work and sincerity towards his work.

6.    Dr. Navpreet Kaur: B.D.S, M.I.D.A (Certified course in Prosthodontics)
She is a very sincere girl doing her work with immense dedication and hard work. She is a specialist in making Dentures. She has been posted in our Nawanshehar branch. She manages, deals and treats her every patient with great care and concern.

7.    Dr. Poonam Ahuja: B.D.S, M.I.D.A, M.D.S (Community Dentistry)
She has done post- graduation from Bangalore in Community Dentistry. She is a master of all trades. She helps us in organizing various awareness camps regarding Dental problems and Oral hygiene in Schools, Colleges, and Villages etc. She is providing free dental checkups, free dentures, free X-Rays and free extractions to the patients who has been attending her camps in our clinic. It’s the way we provide charity to the needy patients. 

8.    Dr. Guntas Singh: M.B.B.S. I.M.A.
He is a very dedicated General Physician practicing since he has graduated from Medical College, Chandigarh. He deals with his patients with gentle and care. He is our consultant, visits our clinic for conducting surgeries and in emergencies e.g. accidental cases etc.

Without Assistants and our helpers we would never have achieved, what we expect for our clinic to be. They are the pillars of our clinic and they have been helping us at every step. It’s very important to appreciate their work and to thank them. They have been following the instructions given by us. Raman, Mamta, Jaspal, Shubam and Sunny are the leading staff. They have done their diplomas with Dental Assistance. They are very well trained and good assistants deals every patient with politeness and calm.