About Sterlization

We, the ones which are not only writing about the sterilization but actually providing this very important service in the clinic to our each valuable patient. In our clinic proper sterilization is done for all the instruments with the method describing below:

Cleaning instruments prior to sterilization: Blood or debris on the instruments can prevent steam or unsaturated chemical vapor from contacting the instrument surfaces to achieve sterilization. The use of enzymatic cleaning solutions assists in cleaning the instruments.

Using and maintaining the sterilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions

Packing all the Instruments prior to sterilization.

Placing integrators in instrument package: These strips monitor the temperature, as well as penetration of the steam into instrument packs. Although the sterilizer may be functioning properly, if instrument packs are overloaded or improperly positioned in the sterilizer, every package of instruments may not be sterilized. The only way to validate this is with an integrator.

Storing instruments away from possible cross-contamination and moisture: The autoclaved instruments are stored in the UV chamber in a proper way to reduce the risk of contamination and for using sterilized instruments on patients.
Besides that,
  • Only distilled or filtered water is used in dental chairs.
  • Surface disinfectants are used after every patient to disinfect dental chair.
  • Fumigators are used to disinfect the clinic before any surgical procedures.
  • Proper ventilation and air purification systems are there in the clinic to make feel every patient comfortable with liveliness.
  • The most important, proper disposal of dental waste is done using biomedical waste system. We are associated with a renowned firm named

Yes, you are in safe hands:
Providing 99.9% sterlization to